Application Requirements

Applicants are expected to be graduated from an undergraduate program. Students, who are still studying and are expected to graduate before the Fall Term, can also apply.

Application Requirements:

•    Transcript: A minimum GPA of 3,00/4,00
•    English Proficiency: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): IBT 80, CBT 213, PBT 550 or YDS 87
•    ALES Minimum: 90
•    GRE (Graduate Record Examination (For International Applicants): Minimum Quantitative160
•    2 letters of reccommendation
•    Application Form

After application, all applications are evaluated by the committee and ranked within their ALES/GRE scores, recommendation letters etc. If needed, interviews are held by the committee.

Course Requirements for Application

Applicants Graduated from BA in Economics
Min GPA = 3.00
Min ALES Quantitative= 90
MATH 103: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics*
MATH 208: Advanced Calculus**

*, **At least B Grade from these two courses.

Applicants Graduated from other majors 
Min GPA = 3.00
Min ALES Quantitative= 90
ECON 201: Microeconomics or Equilavent Course
ECON 202: Macroeconomics or Equilavent Course
ECON 311: Econometrics I or Equilavent Course
MATH 103: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
MATH 208: Advanced Calculus

Applicants are expected to take at least 2 courses from Economics, get at least “B” grade from Mathematics Courses and the minimum total GPA of Economics courses in their transcripts should be 3,00/4,00.