Avni K. Değirmenci, PhD in History Research Interest: Nationalism and Nation Building in the Former Yugoslavia CUNY Hunter College, History and Adolescent Education, B.A.
CUNY Queens College, History, M.A.
Email: adegirmenci89@hotmail.com CV
Berk Emek, PhD in History Research Interest: Nationalization and homogenization politics in interwar Romania and Turkey: The ethnicity question in administration Koç University International Relations B.A
Central European University Political Science M.A
Email: bemek16@ku.edu.tr CV
Efe Erünal, PhD in History Research Interest: Economic and Demographic Geography, Life and Occupational Cycles, and Intergenerational Wealth and Status transfer in the mid-nineteenth century Ottoman Empire Istanbul Bilgi University, History, B.A.

Email: eerunal17@ku.edu.tr CV

Nikola Rakovski, PhD in History Research Interest: 19th Century Balkans: Formations of Nations and Nation-States, Institution Building, Political Representation and Popular Protest Sofia University, History and Geopolitics of the Balkans, BA
Sofia University, Regional Studies: Southeastern Europe, MA

Email: nikola.rakovski@gmail.com CV

Uygar Karaca, PhD in History Research Interest: Population, Urbanization and Structural Change in Ottoman Empire/Turkey and Bulgaria in Comparative Perspective, 1850-1950 Bogazici University- Economics BA
Bilgi University & Bogazici University- Economics MA
Istanbul Bilgi University- History MA

Email: ukaraca16@ku.edu.tr CV