Our PhD program in International Relations and Political Science has a strong placement record. Following is the list of first placements of our graduates:

Ceyhun Emre Doğru, PhD 2019

Managing Partner, StratejiCo.

Dissertation Title: Corporate Diplomatic Activity: How Firms Behave in Foreign Policy


Ariel S. Gonzalez Levaggi, PhD 2018

Assistant Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA)

Dissertation Title: Confrontational and Cooperative Regional Orders: Engagement, Accommodation and Contestation in Central Eurasia and South America


Aydın Gündüz, PhD 2017

Assistant Professor, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Dissertation Title: Moving Beyond a Minimal Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of Reform Episodes in Non-consolidated Democracies of Turkey, Mexico, and the Philippines


Damla Bayraktar, PhD 2016

Postdoctoral Researcher, Coordinator of Migration Research Center, Koç University

Dissertation Title: Home States and Homeland Politics: Interactions between the Turkish State and Its Emigrants in France and the United States


Gitta Glüpker, PhD 2016

Consultant, German National Academic Foundations

Dissertation Title: The Gender Gap in Public Support for European Integration


Mustafa Yağcı, PhD 2016

Assistant Professor, İstinye University

Dissertation Title: In Quest of Financial Stability: Organizational Learning and the Proactive Governance of Financial Stability Policy in Turkey


Kerem Yıldırım, PhD 2016

Assistant Professor, Sabancı University

Dissertation Title: Continuous Clientelism: Persuasion and Preference Change in Turkey


İmren Borsuk, PhD 2015

Researcher, Transparency International Turkey

Dissertation Title: Road from Ethnic Mobilization to Intercommunal Violence: A Comparison of Kurdish problem in Turkey and Northern Ireland Conflict


Didem Çakmaklı, PhD 2015

Assistant Professor, Antalya International University

Dissertation Title: Transforming Citizenship in Turkey: Learning Active Citizenship in Civil Society Organizations


Ömer Faruk Örsün, PhD 2015

Assistant Professor, Istanbul University

Dissertation Title: Inclusiveness, Contestation and Conflict Processes


Ayşen Ezgi Üstübici, PhD 2015 (joint degree with University of Amsterdam)

Assistant Professor, Koç University

Dissertation Title: The Governance of International Migration in Turkey and Morocco: Irregular Migrants’ Access to Right to Stay


Mustafa Kutlay, PhD 2014

Assistant Professor, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Dissertation Title: Reforming Reactive States: A Comparative Political Economy of Greek and Turkish Crises