ARHA PhD program

2 Required Theory/Method Courses

Students are required to choose 2 Theory/Method courses from a pool of 6 courses offered in a 4-semester period.  These courses cover ARHA’s range of areas, disciplines, and temporal periods:

ARHA 506 or 507: Archaeological Methods and Theory I or II

ARHA 508: Advanced Historiography and Theory of Art History

ARHA 509: Modern Historiography of the Late Antique /Byzantine Worlds

ARHA 504 or 505: Museum Studies & Cultural Heritage Management I or II

ARHA 610: Advanced Doctoral Thesis Seminar

4 Area Electives at 500+ level

ARHA 540: Field Studies or Internship

2 Foreign Languages or 1 Foreign Language / 1 Skill (non-credit)

In consultation with and with approval of student’s advisor

ARHA 695: PhD Thesis

KOLT 500


ENGL 500

ETRH 500