Koç University Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology (with Thesis) 

The mission of Koç University master’s program in clinical psychology is to train practitioners who have the competence to conduct science-based practice in clinical psychology.

Koç University master’s program in clinical psychology aims to provide students with clinical competence and expertise in the fields of psychological assessment and psychotherapy, as well as to improve their scientific thinking and research skills.

The program employs faculty members who specialize in topics of suicide, depression, personality disorders, trauma, social anxiety disorder, sexual orientations and identities, emotion regulation difficulties, addiction, effects of forced migration, stress, and the role of cultural factors in the onset and treatment of psychopathology, as well as evidence-based interventions such as problem solving therapy, systemic therapies, and psychotherapy processes. Students will gain experience in clinical psychology research by participating in national and international projects carried out by faculty members.

What are the training outcomes? 

At the end of the two year progam the graduates will reach a competent level in interview techniques, psychological assessment, and Problem-Solving Therapy, which involve intensive clinical practice.

During their first year,  students will attend  KU Mental Health Lab research meetings while  taking courses that include theory and practice and in their second year they will do their internship at the Koç University Hospital and/or partnered mental health facilities. 

The program will train experts who are familiar with the scientific method within the framework of balanced science and practice, who also have command of evidence-based psychotherapy models and are competent in psychological assessment.

The program, which aims to equip its graduates with evidence-based psychotherapy skills and to train them to conduct scientific research, will provide an important infrastructure for those who want to pursue doctoral studies.

Who can apply?

Koç University master’s program in clinical psychology is an important opportunity for those who want to specialize in both clinical research and evidence-based practice in the field of clinical psychology.

Candidates with an undergraduate degree in psychology can apply to the program.

Involvement in social responsibility projects will increase the applicants’ chances of being accepted into the program.

With the exception of the supervision and internships, most program courses will be taught in English. Therefore, candidates with good command of English and Turkish will be considered.