Program Outcomes

  1. To master the main concepts and approaches in comparative literature and critical theory;
  2. To learn the key methods of comparative literature and to apply them for research;
  3. To develop effective research skills across different literary and artistic media;
  4. To develop knowledge of different literatures and cultures;
  5. To develop skills in critical and analytical thinking;
  6. Identify and analyze current debates in comparative literature and in related fields;
  7. To master methods and approaches used in the chosen area of research, and to conduct original work; 
  8. To develop awareness of social, political, and environmental issues through textual analysis;
  9. To understand the relationship of comparative literary studies with other disciplines.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Graduates of Koç University Comparative Literature graduate program can continue their academic careers in Türkiye and abroad in the following areas: Academia; Culture Industry; Translation sector; Publishing; Advertising; Corporate international relations; Public relations