Applicants are expected to be graduated from an undergraduate program. Students, who are still studying and are expected to graduate before the Fall Term, can also apply.

Application Requirements:

•    Transcript: A minimum GPA of 3,00/4,00
•    English Proficiency: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): IBT 80, CBT 213, PBT 550 or YDS 80

 • ALES Minimum Quantitative 90

    GRE (Graduate Record Examination (For International Applicants): Minimum Quantitative 160
•    2 letters of reccommendation
•    Application Form

After application, all applications are evaluated by the committee and ranked within their ALES/GRE scores, recommendation letters etc. If needed, interviews are held by the committee.

Course Requirements for Application

Applicants Graduated from BA in Economics
Min GPA = 3.00
MATH 103: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics*
MATH 208: Advanced Calculus**

*, **At least B Grade from these two courses.

Applicants Graduated from other majors 
Min GPA = 3.00
ECON 201: Microeconomics or Equilavent Course
ECON 202: Macroeconomics or Equilavent Course
ECON 311: Econometrics I or Equilavent Course
MATH 103: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
MATH 208: Advanced Calculus

Applicants are expected to take at least 2 courses from Economics, get at least “B” grade from Mathematics Courses and the minimum total GPA of Economics courses in their transcripts should be 3,00/4,00.