Avni K. Değirmenci, PhD in History Research Interest: Nationalism and Nation Building in the Former Yugoslavia CUNY Hunter College, History and Adolescent Education, B.A.
CUNY Queens College, History, M.A.
Email: adegirmenci89@hotmail.com CV
Berk Emek, PhD in History Research Interest: Nationalization and homogenization politics in interwar Romania and Türkiye: The ethnicity question in administration Koç University International Relations B.A
Central European University Political Science M.A
Email: bemek16@ku.edu.tr CV
Efe Erünal, PhD in History Research Interest: Economic and Demographic Geography, Life and Occupational Cycles, and Intergenerational Wealth and Status transfer in the mid-nineteenth century Ottoman Empire Istanbul Bilgi University, History, B.A.

Email: eerunal17@ku.edu.tr CV

Nikola Rakovski, PhD in History Research Interest: 19th Century Balkans: Formations of Nations and Nation-States, Institution Building, Political Representation and Popular Protest Sofia University, History and Geopolitics of the Balkans, BA
Sofia University, Regional Studies: Southeastern Europe, MA

Email: nikola.rakovski@gmail.com CV

Uygar Karaca, PhD in History Research Interest: Population, Urbanization and Structural Change in Ottoman Empire/Türkiye and Bulgaria in Comparative Perspective, 1850-1950 Bogazici University- Economics BA
Bilgi University & Bogazici University- Economics MA
Istanbul Bilgi University- History MA

Email: ukaraca16@ku.edu.tr CV

Fulya Özturan, PhD in History Research Interest: History of the Late Ottoman Empire, Migration PhD Koç University, History
MA Bilkent University, History
BA Hacettepe University, American Culture and Literature
Pedagogical Formation Training Certificate
Hacettepe University, Faculty of Education

Email: fozturan19@ku.edu.tr CV

Zainab HajHasan, PhD in History Research Interest: Ottoman Socio-Economic History, Ottoman Mediterranean, 18th Century. (Focusing on the social and economic changes in the Ottoman Mediterranean cities) List of Institutions attended: Istanbul Medeniyet University (MA in International Ottoman Studies), DİLMAR Kocaeli University (Turkish Language Acquisition) University of Jordan (BA in Languages and Literature), Instituto Cervantes (Spanish Language acquisition)

Languages: Arabic (Native), English, Spanish, and Turkish. (Maybe including Ottoman language?) CV

Cansu Çakır, PhD in History Research Interests: Russian History, Soviet History, The Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, World War I, Russian Revolution List of Last Institutions Attended: Bilkent University, International Relations, MA
Middle East Technical University, International Relations, Bs.c.
E-mail: ccakir20@ku.edu.tr CV