1st Year – Fall Semester 1st Year – Spring Semester
INTL 501: Research Methods (pre-requisite) Elective
INTL 503: International Relations Elective
INTL 504: Comparative Politics Elective
Elective INTL 590 Seminar Course
KOLT 500: TA Workshops ETHR 500: Ethics Course
TEACH 500: TA Assignments TEACH 500: TA Assignments
INTL 590: Seminar Course INTL 590: Seminar Course
2nd Year – Fall Semester 2nd Year – Spring Semester
ENGL 500: English Academic Writing INTL 595: MA Dissertation
TEACH 500: TA Assignments TEACH 500: TA Assignments
INTL 595: MA Dissertation

MA students can take any graduate courses listed under International Relations program as well as some of the courses from other relevant graduate programs with the consent of the graduate program coordinator. 

Students will have the opportunity to take graduate-level electives on such topics as European Union, Turkish politics, political economy, and conflict studies among others, which reflect the areas of particular strength in our department.  Students will also have the opportunity to attend programs in other countries, including distinguished universities in Europe and the United States as an exchange student. 

All students are required to take the following non-credit courses to successfully complete the program:

KOLT 500: Teaching Assistant Training and Workshops (all students are required to take these workshops in their first semester.)

TEACH 500: Teaching Experience during the semesters of their assignments. (all students must enroll to TEACH 500 every semester) 

ETHR 500: Students must complete an online ethics course lates by 2nd Semester. 

ENGL 500: Academic Writing (Advanced) course. (all students must complete this course in their second year) 

INTL 590: Seminar Course (all students must complete the seminar requirements)