ALIS- Academic and Life Skills

Academic and Life Skills (ALIS) is a student–focused program, which aims to support Koç University students so that they can be more successful and efficient during their university lives, and to empower them in basic skills, which they may need both in their professional and personal lives. The program aims to support personal development of both Koç University students and employees, so that they can make the principle of lifelong learning a reality.

In these courses planned around experiential exercises, our aim is to help students become more self-aware and actualize their own potentials to the maximum extent during their university education and beyond, while  maintaining effective interaction with the outside world. Thus we create opportunities for them to develop the skills that they may need to achieve their potential in all domains of life.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Zeynep Aycan who initiated the ALIS program in 2010, the Academic and Life Skills courses were created to establish the “personalized education approach”, which actually should have been adopted earlier in school life in Turkish educational system. Koç University’s liberal academic milieu and its holistic approach to student development have helped anchor this practice and seriously increased the chances of applying what was learned. The realization and the raising awareness of the view that “everyone has their own truths” over “there’s one truth for everyone” have also found support in the environment where learning takes place.


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