“I am extremely proud to be the first Ph.D. graduate from the Economics Graduate Program at Koc University. I am currently working as an Economist/Consultant at Vega Economics, a San Francisco Bay Area based consulting firm. I attribute much of the success in my career to the education and the tools that I gained throughout my graduate program. With the support of my professors, I presented my papers at international events in Europe and USA several times. I also had the privilege to be nominated by my professors to join the Nobel Laureate Meetings in Lindau where I had the opportunity to meet and interact with Nobel Laureates in the field of Economics. This mentorship and interaction allowed me to transfer my skills and economic knowledge internationally. As part of my research, I also played an active role in managing the “Kucuk Turuncu Damla” project that was financed and managed jointly with ING Bank. Through this project, I had been given the opportunity to conduct field experiments in public schools of Istanbul. This project allowed me to apply the academic concepts and strengthen the project management skills that have been crucial to my success in my current job. Furthermore, in addition to the continuous mentoring of my advisors and the professors, the administrative team of GSSSH also actively guided me in my job market placement. I am grateful for an outstanding academic education that taught me the skills that I continue to build on every day.”

Nergis Zaim, PhD in Economics Graduate ‘15
WW Product Marketing Business Manager at Apple, San Francisco

I have been working on subjects of legal value for 35 years of my career; however, it was Koç University Law School which has helped me understand the essence and soul of the Law and the concept of Justice, which I believe to be the foundation of everything. For that, I give my thanks to the Koç University Law Faculty, Dean Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah Oder, all my professors, faculty members and young lawyers I have been working together with.

I would recommend the LLM Programme of Koç University Law School to anyone who wants to improve themselves, regardless of their age and level. The LLM Programme has made me realize, again, in the autumn of my life, that learning is a pleasure and inspired my academic studies, made me contemplate on the Rule of Law, which is an institution necessary for the well-being of my country.

I would never imagine that reading the US Constitution or keeping up with modern Turkish Constitutional Court or Court of Administration judgements would be this exciting.

Hüsamettin Onanç
LL.M in Public Law Graduate

``I spent five years at Koç University to acquire my PhD in international relations. The scholarship provided me with countless opportunities such as meeting with and learning from high-level academicians and travelling to international conferences.

Even more important was the outstanding support which I received during those years from my PhD advisor and other faculty members.``

Gitta Glüpker Kesebir, PhD in Political Science and International Relations Graduate ’16
Referent for Statistics & Evaluation at the German National Academic Foundation

“The Ph.D. program at Koç University was a very important step for me in academic terms. I was able to learn different theoretical and observational approaches in detail and conduct significant studies with many different researchers. Through the opportunities and incentives provided by the faculty and support on my research and trainings I was very satisfied with the PhD education I received at Koç University.”

Kerem Yıldırım, PhD in Political Science and International Relations Graduate ’17
Assitant Proffessor at Sabancı University

“Studying at the Koc University GSSSH has been an invaluable experience in many ways. The PhD program, which is designed to meet the standards of top graduate schools, provided me with a solid and broad knowledge of the political science discipline. Additionally, I had the chance to be a part of an academic community which pursues world-class research, thanks to the assistantship opportunities in respectable research projects. Last but not least, I always felt the support of the faculty and the GSSSH as an institution, whenever I needed it. I am grateful to all members of the GSSSH community, and would recommend the prospective political scientists to join this community -which they can rely on- for a bright career path in the Turkish academia.”

Dr. K. Aydın Gündüz
Assistant Professor of Political Science at TOBB ETU

As an international student with a master’s degree from a top ten program in America, I was not sure of the quality of universities in Türkiye. Offering a world class PhD program where I was able to study with some of the top researchers in the field of psychology, Koç did not disappoint me. Furthermore, Koç exceeded my expectations and provided me the opportunity to participate in projects often reserved for more senior researchers like co-designing a national study of over 3000 participants. Upon graduation, I was offered both a prestigious post doc position in America and a full faculty position at a respected university. I would like to thank Koç University and its outstanding faculty for all the support, guidance, and opportunities, as well as, for helping to mold me into the academician that I am today.

Celia K. Naivar Şen, PhD in Pschology Graduate ‘16
Assistant Proferssor at Özyeğin Üniversitesi