Teaching for Ph.D. Students

Teaching Experience for Ph.D. Students


Advanced level Ph.D. students can teach a small section of a course to gain teaching experience.

Conditions under which a course can be taught by Ph.D. students are as follows:

  • Teaching is not a right but a privilege to Ph.D. students. Only selected Ph.D. students are given this opportunity.


  • Teaching is part of the Ph.D. training. As such, students do not receive extra payment in exchange for teaching. It may be possible to extend the scholarship (i.e., stipend) of students for teaching, if their stipend is discontinued because of their senior status.


  • Ph.D. candidate should pass the qualifying exam and have a good standing in the program to be able to teach a course.


  • They cannot teach more than 1 course per semester; the total number of courses to be taught during their stay in the Ph.D. program cannot exceed 2.


  • The course to be taught should be a small section of an undergraduate course (not exceeding 20 students) concurrently taught by a faculty member. The sole purpose of teaching the small section of the course is to provide a teaching opportunity for Ph.D students.


  • Ph.D. student should go through an advanced level KOLT training to teach the course.


  • Ph.D. student who are interested in teaching a small section of a course should first receive the approval of his or her thesis advisor. Next, the student should seek the approval of the faculty member who is teaching the course. Last, they need to notify the Dean of the college the course belongs to.