In order to graduate from the Computational Social Sciences Master’s Program, it will be necessary to take a total of minimum 21 credits.

The list of courses should include:

  • one compulsory and non-credit seminar course (CSSM 590),
  • one compulsory and non-credit thesis course (CSSM 595),
  • one compulsory and 3-credit introduction to computational social sciences (CSSM 501),
  • one compulsory and 3-credit programming course (CSSM 502),
  • one compulsory and 3-credit theory course (offered by the institute of social sciences from sociology, psychology, international relations, etc.)
  • minimum two 3-credit electives in computational social sciences and minimum one 3-credit elective outside the field of computational social sciences. These out-of-field electives should be from social sciences or computer programming.