Our PhD program in International Relations and Political Science has a strong placement record. Following is a list of first placements of our graduates:


Mustafa Kutlay, PhD 2014

Assistant Professor, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Dissertation Title: Reforming Reactive States: A comparative Political Economy of Greek and Turkish Crises


İmren Borsuk, PhD 2015

Researcher, Transparency International Türkiye

Dissertation Title: Road from Ethnic Mobilization to Intercommunal Violence: A Comparison of Kurdish problem in Türkiye and Northern Ireland Conflict


Didem Çakmaklı, PhD 2015

Assistant Professor, Antalya International University

Dissertation Title: Transforming citizenship in Türkiye: Learning active citizenship in civil society organizations


Ömer Faruk Örsün, PhD 2015

Assistant Professor, Istanbul University

Dissertation Title: Inclusiveness, contestation and conflict processes


Ayşen Ezgi Üstübici, PhD 2015 (joint degree with University of Amsterdam)

Assistant Professor, Koç University

Dissertation Title: The Governance of International Migration in Türkiye and Morocco: Irregular Migrants’ Access to Right to Stay


Gitta Glüpker, PhD 2016

Consultant, German National Academic Foundations

Dissertation Title: The gender gap in public support for European integration


Mustafa Yağcı, PhD 2016

Assistant Professor, İstinye University

Dissertation Title: In Quest of Financial Stability: Organizational Learning and the Proactive Governance of Financial Stability Policy in Türkiye




Kerem Yıldırım, PhD 2016

Assistant Professor, Sabancı University

Dissertation Title: Continuous Clientelism: Persuasion and Preference Change in Türkiye


Damla Bayraktar, PhD 2016

Postdoctoral Researcher, Coordinator of Migration Research Center, Koç University

Dissertation Title: Home States and Homeland Politics: Interactions between the Turkish State and its Emigrants in France and the United States


Deniz Dalyan Daşer, MA  2010

PhD in Anthropology, Rutgers University

Dissertation Title: Leftist Diasporic Identity: The Experience of Turkish and Kurdish Refugees in Switzerland


Şebnem Kenis, MA 2012

Program Officer, The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Dissertation Title: Islam and Homosexuality Debates in Türkiye: Discursive Contestation among Muslims over LGBTQ Rights


Cantay Çalışkan, MA 2013

PhD in Political Science,  Boston University

Dissertation Title: The Success Behind Renewable Energy: A Comparative Analysis of Germany, The United Kingdom, Brazil and Türkiye


Pelin Kılınçarslan, MA 2013

PhD in Political Science and International Relations, Koç University

Dissertation Title: Worker Resistance and Mobilization: A Comparative Analysis of Two-Female Dominated Textile Factories


Mehmet Cansoy, MA 2013

PhD in International Relations, Boston College

Dissertation Title: Social Citizenship Regimes in Türkiye


Didem Seyis, MA 2014

PhD in  Political Science and International Relations,  Boğaziçi Üniversity

Dissertation Title: Ideal Citizenship Depictions in Turkish Primary School Textbooks


Muhammed Tahir Kılavuz, MA 2014

PhD in Political Science, University of Notre Dame

Dissertation Title: The Old Elites Strike Back: The End of Political Liberalization under Khrushchev and Menderes


Fatih Ümit Çetin, MA 2015

PhD in Political Science , UMass Amherst School of Public Policy (SPP)

Dissertation Title:  Rethinking the Concept of Hegemony and the Rise of China


Burak Demir, MA 2015

PhD in Political Science and Government, University of Tennessee

Dissertation Title:  A Theoretical and Historical Analysis on the Emergence Formation and Decline of Hegemony


Yusuf Magiya, MA 2015

PhD in Political Science, Columbia University

Dissertation Title: The Effect of Modernization on Ethnic Conflict: The Kurdish Question in Türkiye


Yaşar Yaşıoğlu, MA 2015

PhD in Political Science and International Relations, Koç University

Dissertation Title: The Anatomy of the Arab Spring: Are They Series of Revolutions?


Emine Büşra Ünlüönen, MA 2017

PhD in Anthropology CUNY Graduate Center

Dissertation Title: Middle Class Refugees in Istanbul


Orhun Aras Köksal, MA 2017

Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Minnesota

Dissertation Tittle: Urban Movements and Social Class in Contemporary Türkiye


Alfred Oduro. MA 2017

PhD in Political Science and Internatioanl Relations, University of Toronto

Dissertation Title: Building Collective Identity in Africa: the role of African Regional Organizations