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Joint European Master Programme in Social and Cultural Psychology

Joint European Master Programme in Social and Cultural Psychology

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Location: Koç Üniversitesi

Comparative Studies in History and Society

Koç University Master Program

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Location: Koç Üniversitesi Saat: 12:00 AM

Koç University Graduate School of Social Scienes and Humanities MA, LLM and PhD Programs

Requests for information about the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities Programs may be submitted to

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Location: Koç Üniversitesi Anadolu Medeniyetleri Araştırma Merkezi Saat: 10:00 AM Süre: 12:00 AM

Economics Graduate Program Summer School

Matching Dersi (1.5 Kredi) , Prof. Dr. Utku Ünver, Boston College Syllabus:Matching_Unver_17-21July2017 (2) Bayesian Econometrics Dersi (1.5 Kredi), Yrd. Doç. Dr. Cem Çakmakli, K

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Location: Koç Üniversitesi Süre: 21-07-2017

“Studying at the Koc University GSSSH has been an invaluable experience in many ways. The PhD program, which is designed to meet the standards of top graduate schools, provided me with a solid and broad knowledge of the political science discipline. Additionally, I had the chance to be a part of an academic community which pursues world-class research, thanks to the assistantship opportunities in respectable research projects. Last but not least, I always felt the support of the faculty and the GSSSH as an institution, whenever I needed it. I am grateful to all members of the GSSSH community, and would recommend the prospective political scientists to join this community -which they can rely on- for a bright career path in the Turkish academia.”

Dr. K. Aydın Gündüz
Assistant Professor of Political Science at TOBB ETU

“The Ph.D. program at Koç University was a very important step for me in academic terms. I was able to learn different theoretical and observational approaches in detail and conduct significant studies with many different researchers. Through the opportunities and incentives provided by the faculty and support on my research and trainings I was very satisfied with the PhD education I received at Koç University.”

Kerem Yıldırım, PhD in Political Science and International Relations Graduate ’17
Assitant Proffessor at Sabancı University
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