Rules and Regulations

Conflict Of Interest Policy On Teaching By Graduate Assistants

Teaching other than that approved by the University can constitute a conflict of commitment. Of particular concern is remunerated teaching. Specifically graduate assistants can not provide private lessons to students for personal gain as this constitutes a conflict of interest.

Vacation Policy For Graduate Students

Except for official holidays when the University is closed graduate students are expected to be on campus fulfilling their degree requirements.During summer months graduate students who are on scholarships can take vacation (max two weeks) upon the recommendation of their advisors and approval of the Director of the Graduate School. Otherwise they all have to be on campus.

On Intellectual Properties

Koc University’s policies on intellectual property rights apply to all graduate students. Students should consult the manual on the web under Research Grant Administration and be aware of these rights and policies.

Medium Of Instruction

The medium of instruction at Koç University is English with the exception of certain designated courses and programs. Therefore lectures including those given in the labs and problem sessions and the student participation must be carried out in English. All graduate teaching assistants must adhere to this policy.

Academic Rules and Regulations for Graduate Studies

(*Last updated by Council of Higher Education, Türkiye on April 20, 2016)

Academic Rules and Regulations for Graduate Studies

Scholarship Rules and Regulations (as of 2016 Fall)

Please click for the scholarship rules and regulations for students enrolled as of Fall 2016.

* Please note that due to Council of Higher Education’s update on graduate study rules and regulations on 20 April 2016, Koç University’s scholarship rules and regulations have been revised effecting students who are enrolled as of Fall 2016.