Sociology PhD

Application Requirements

  • Reference Letters, Letters of Recommendation: The Graduate School requires three reference letters for PhD applications. These should be by persons well qualified to speak from first-hand knowledge about the applicant’s potential for graduate study. Letters of recommendation must be submitted online*

  • Statement of Purpose, which should not exceed 2,000 words, focusing on why the applicant wants to study at Koç University and in this particular program as well as explaining career objectives and research interests

  • English Language, when applicants’ native language is not English, they must ensure to provide their official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL,) or any equivalent testing system. (Please see minimum required scores below).

  • ALES or GRE Score: (Please see minimum required scores below)

  • Successful performance in a interview 

Ph.D. in Sociology Admission Requirements
ScoresWith BA DegreeWith MA Degree
ALES(Equal Weighed)8070
GRE (Quantitative)156153

Degree Requirements

Students who do not have a former degree in  sociology can also be accepted to the program. Students coming from different disciplines must take the following basic courses before they can start the Ph.D. program. If these courses have been previously taken at the undergraduate level, the student will be able to directly start the PhD program. Students who have not taken the following courses in their previous education will be able to take these courses at Koç University.

The prerequisite  courses to be taken at the undergraduate level will be decided on student basis with the approval of the advisor / coordinator, and these courses can be taken without credit;

SOCI 201: Scientific Methods in Social Sciences

SOCI 220: Social Change and Development

SOCI 301: Research Methods in Sociology

SOCI 303: Classical Social Theory

SOCI 312: Contemporary Sociological Theory

SOCI 325: Social Stratification

Sociology  program consists of at least  7 (seven) courses, qualifying exam, thesis proposal and thesis study, with a total of minimum 21 (twenty-one) credits for students admitted with a master’s degree; 14 (fourteen) courses with a minimum of 42 (forty-two) credits for students admitted with a bachelor’s degree.

In addition to these courses, students are required to take the following non-credit courses (pass or fail) during their course of education.

1st Year – Fall Semester 1st Year – Spring Semester
SOCI 501: Quantitative Research Methods SOCI 502: Qualitative Research Methods in
SOCI 503: Classical Social Theory SOCI 506: Contemporary Social Theory
Elective SOCI 590: Seminar
KOLT 500: TA Workshops Elective
TEACH 500: TA Assignments ETHR 500 Ethics Course
TEACH 500: TA Assignments
2nd Year – Fall Semester 2nd Year – Spring Semester
Elective ENGL 500 : English Academic Writing
TEACH 500: TA Assignments TEACH 500: TA Assignments
SOCI 695: PHD Dissertation SOCI  695: PHD Dissertation
3rd Year – Fall Semester 3rd Year – Spring Semester
SOCI 695: PHD Dissertation SOCI 695: PHD Dissertation
TEACH 500: TA Assignments TEACH 500: TA Assignments
4th Year – Fall Semester 4th Year – Spring Semester
SOCI 695: PHD Dissertation SOCI 695: PHD Dissertation
TEACH 500: TA Assignments TEACH 500: TA Assignments