Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities (GSSSH) is celebrating its 17th year with over 650 graduates and 33 graduate programs embracing a wide range of disciplines including Law, Economics, International Relations and Political Science, Design and Technology, History, Archeology, Philosophy, History of Arts, Sociology, and Psychology. The mission of GSSSH is “to develop scholars and leaders to contribute to science and practice in fields of social sciences by providing competencies and skills necessary to conduct high-quality and visible research with potential to contribute to knowledge as well as social policies”. We are proud of our students and their achievements in Türkiye and internationally. Our primary responsibility is supporting the academic and career development of our students. We provide financial support for training outside KU, invite distinguished scholars for seminars and workshops, organize summer schools, and encourage exposure to international scholarly communities through exchange programs, conferences or research trips.”

Prof. Dr. Aylin Küntay