Archaeology and History of Art

The Department of Archaeology and History of Art (ARHA) offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of archaeology, the history of art and visual culture, late antique and Byzantine studies, cultural heritage management, museum studies, and maritime archaeology.

Design, Technology and Society

Ongoing technological developments offer a wide range of opportunities for the creative industries. In the fundamental fields of the global market where creative industries can grow.


Koç University is one of the best places to obtain a MA or Ph. D. degree in economics.

Political Science and International Relations

Committed to a liberal arts tradition of intellectual curiosity and diversity, the International Relations Department at Koç University offers students a rigorous program of study that prepares them for successful careers in a rapidly globalizing world.


Koç University Law School aims to nurture creative and sophisticated lawyers with its content-rich courses in public law, private law, and its core program, which enables students to excel in a variety of disciplines.


The Department of Psychology aims at producing theoretical and applied research, scholarship, and teaching at a quality that meets and even exceeds the national and international academic standards and at addressing issues that are relevant to national and human development.


The History PhD program at Koç University seeks to provide students with a strong grounding in the advanced study of history.


The Department of Philosophy at Koç University produces world-class research, scholarship, and instruction in philosophy and its history.


The department’s mission is to help students acquire the necessary competencies for a critical analysis of human society and social life.

Computational Social Sciences

Today, digitalization is an unstoppable megatrend. The availability of large amount of digital traces of millions of people has created new opportunities for social scientists to study many aspects of life including health, energy, agriculture, transportation and public administration.

Comparative Literature

Welcome to the Department of Comparative Literature. In this age of global exchange, our Master’s program promotes a study of literature that expands cultural connections among societies and bridges disciplines.

Clinical Psychology

The mission of Koç University master’s program in clinical psychology is to train practitioners who have the competence to conduct science-based practice in clinical psychology.

Redesigning the Post-Industrial City (MSc)

Koç University is a partner in this exciting and unique Master’s programme that wants to create an educational experience which recognizes and responds critically to issues of cities in different forms and stages of post-industrial transition.

Comparative Studies in History and Society

The Comparative Studies in History and Society (CSHS) MA program provides a comprehensive and advanced introduction to major methodological, thematic, and theoretical approaches to history, drawing on related disciplines and the broad faculty expertise at Koç University in the humanities and social sciences such as sociology, gender studies and political science.