Student Guidelines

Teaching and Research Assistantship

Get information about Research and Teaching Assistantship details.

Teaching for Ph.D. Students

Learn about the teaching requirements for Ph.D. students who want to gain teaching experience.

MA/LL.M. Milestones

Learn detailed information about the MA/LL.M. Milestones in our institution.

PH.D. Milestones

Learn detailed information about the Ph.D. Milestones in our institution.

Graduation Checklist

Access our graduation checklist.

Travel / Reimbursement Form

Download the travel/reimbursement form.

Grade Change Form

Access the Change of Grade Form to specify your requests for changes related to the grades.

Course Add/Drop Form

Download the Course Add and Drop form.

Health Insurance

Learn detailed information about the private health insurance provided to full-time students under Koç University’s Graduate Scholarship Package.

Thesis Defense Form

Download the thesis defense form.