Koç University Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology (with Thesis) 

The mission of Koç University master’s program in clinical psychology is to train practitioners who have the competence to conduct science-based practice in clinical psychology.

Koç University master’s program in clinical psychology aims to provide students with clinical competence and expertise in the fields of psychological assessment and psychotherapy, as well as to improve their scientific thinking and research skills.

The program employs faculty members who specialize in topics of suicide, depression, personality disorders, trauma, social anxiety disorder, sexual orientations and identities, emotion regulation difficulties, addiction, effects of forced migration, stress, and the role of cultural factors in the onset and treatment of psychopathology, as well as evidence-based interventions such as problem solving therapy, systemic therapies, and psychotherapy processes. Students will gain experience in clinical psychology research by participating in national and international projects carried out by faculty members.

What are the training outcomes? 

At the end of the two year progam the graduates will reach a competent level in interview techniques, psychological assessment, and Problem-Solving Therapy, which involve intensive clinical practice.

During their first year,  students will attend  KU Mental Health Lab research meetings while  taking courses that include theory and practice and in their second year they will do their internship at the Koç University Hospital and/or partnered mental health facilities. 

The program will train experts who are familiar with the scientific method within the framework of balanced science and practice, who also have command of evidence-based psychotherapy models and are competent in psychological assessment.

The program, which aims to equip its graduates with evidence-based psychotherapy skills and to train them to conduct scientific research, will provide an important infrastructure for those who want to pursue doctoral studies.

Who can apply?

Koç University master’s program in clinical psychology is an important opportunity for those who want to specialize in both clinical research and evidence-based practice in the field of clinical psychology.

Candidates with an undergraduate degree in psychology can apply to the program.

Involvement in social responsibility projects will increase the applicants’ chances of being accepted into the program.

With the exception of the supervision and internships, most program courses will be taught in English. Therefore, candidates with good command of English and Turkish will be considered.

🚩 The program is not taking applications for the Fall 2023 intake. Application dates for the Fall 2024 intake will be announced next year.


Master’s Perspective

Prof. Mehmet Eskin, Clinical Psychology

From Our Graduates

Graduating from Koç University's Clinical Psychology program taught me to prioritize ethical values and, above all, to consider the best interests of the individuals we serve.

Thanks to the professors and curriculum, it was very valuable for me to learn the nature of mankind and relationships from the best practitioners in their fields. If today, while working as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in the field, I can provide an inclusive trauma-informed psychosocial support service and serve tailored-based services to my clients, this is thanks to the humanitarian perspective and vision I gained at Koç University’s master’s program.

Within the scope of our internship program, thanks to medical experience at hospitals and various academic projects we are involved in, we graduate as both fully equipped clinical psychologists who know how to work within a team and researchers who know how to inquire and use knowledge for benefit of individuals. Additionally, it is a very critical value that Koç University offers its students the chance of working with professors involved in research studies at international standards. One of the most valuable outputs of the program is to get education from both psychological, social, and biological dimensions, and implement our knowledge in our practice firsthand. Studying Clinical Psychology at Koç University was the most important step in my career; I am very happy and proud to be part of this experience.


Being a part of Koç University Clinical Psychology master program was a milestone for my education and career pathway. The research and discussion-oriented approach of the program has greatly contributed to my personal and academic development while helping me to grasp the importance of continuous inquiry, which I believe is the essence of the development of a person and society. Besides the knowledge-rich curriculum and strong and comprehensive theoretical and practical education, the supportive and guiding attitudes of the professors enable us, as their graduates, to practice our profession rightfully both in the academy and in the field. It was and will always be a precious experience to be a member of this family.


When I first applied for the MA in Clinical Psychology at Koç University, I was looking for a program that would foster my passion and interest in psychology and help equip me with the necessary tools to make significant research and practical contributions to the field. Throughout the program, I worked alongside some of the universities most knowledgeable and experienced faculty members, such as Dr. Ayşe Altan-Atalay, and researched interesting topics such as transdiagnostic risk factors. I also got to experience the provision of mental health care in various settings, including the Koç University Hospital and associated mental health establishments in Türkiye.

After completing the program, I can proudly say that it enabled me to grow and develop academically and personally. I also cannot go without mentioning the beautiful life-long friendships I was able to form during my studies. Applying for this program was a big step out of my comfort zone, accompanied by many uncertainties, as it took place during the start of the pandemic. However, given all that I have learned, experienced, and gained, I am very grateful for all the roads that led me to apply for this program.

I’m currently volunteering at a Turkish universities student guidance center providing students with psychological support and working towards publishing my thesis in journal articles.


Being a part of Koç University Clinical Psychology Master’s program has contributed to me in so many ways. Thanks to the valuable academic faculty members, research-practitioner perspective and curriculum, internship opportunities, and the emphasis on science and scientific research, I have gained quite experience on the way to becoming a qualified clinician and academician. Throughout my education here, I have benefitted from our professors’ knowledge and experience, and I have always felt their support and encouragement. When I go back and look at the times when I first and last passed through the Portal of Science, I can see my own development. I appreciate and thank everyone who contributed to this process, especially my professors within the Clinical Psychology graduate program.