The History PhD program at Koç University seeks to provide students with a strong grounding in the advanced study of history. The Department of History covers a variety of subjects but is especially strong in the following areas: Ottoman Empire, Türkiye, the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine and the Soviet Union, Europe and the Mediterranean.

As part of their training, doctoral students will have to successfully complete their course requirements and comprehensive exam, conduct original research and write their doctoral dissertation. They will also be required to work as teaching assistants. Doctoral students will at all times work in close collaboration with their advisors and other faculty from the department. Our goal is to train future colleagues, and we therefore commit to providing all the assistance and advice our doctoral students may need. A PhD in history from Koç University, one of Türkiye’s leading higher education institutions, will lead to successful academic careers in Türkiye and abroad, although graduates will also find themselves in a privileged position to begin careers in government, non-governmental organizations, and journalism.


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Our department hosts the only European Research Council funded project in the field of economic and social history in Türkiye, which currently employs graduate students of Koç University.

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