ARHA M.A. Programs

Application Requirements

For the ARHA Ph.D. program, we are looking for students with a strong academic record, enthusiasm for learning, and high potential for scholarly research and teaching in the fields of archaeology, history of art, or cultural heritage management and museum studies. An undergraduate or Masters degree in archaeology, history of art, classics, history, architecture or a related field is preferred. Both Turkish students and foreign students are encouraged to apply and both are eligible for our scholarship and fellowship packages. Highly qualified candidates for the PhD program who need additional training in English may be eligible for English language preparatory studies included in their fellowship.

A standard applicant should have the following components:

1.Transcripts (B.A. and M.A. when applicable)
You must have a 3.00 GPA for MA Applications.

2.GRE or the results of the Turkish ALES (equally weighted scores given preference)
The results of the GRE and ALES should be submitted at the time of application. Applications will be considered as incomplete until GRE and ALES scores are provided.

3.English proficiency exam
Non-native speakers of English should submit scores from one of the following exams: TOEFL, YDS/eYDS, or YÖKDİL.

4.Statement of Purpose
In addition to telling us about your academic background, tell us in detail which topics you would like to study and research while at Koç University. This should be a professional statement focused on the academic aspects of your interests.

5.Writing Sample
The writing sample should be at least eight pages. Common submissions are a research paper, a chapter from your M.A. thesis, or an article. Because all coursework in ARHA is in English, this document must also be in English.

6.Recommendation letters
Three recommendation letters are required for Ph.D. applications. Two letters are required for M.A. applications. These must be submitted by the deadline.

A short list of candidates will be invited for an interview, either in person or online. There will be short readings given prior to the interviews. Applicants will be asked to discuss one or two of these readings during the interview.
Applicants also need to complete the graduate school form. All applications must be submitted online.

Degree Requirements

ARHA MA program

2 Required Courses

1 Theory/Method Course:

Students are required to choose 1 Theory/Method from a pool of 6 courses offered in a 4-semester period. These courses cover ARHA’s range of areas, disciplines, and temporal periods:

ARHA 506 or 507: Archaeological Methods and Theory I or II

ARHA 508: Advanced Historiography and Theory of Art History

ARHA 509: Modern Historiography of the Late Antique /Byzantine Worlds

ARHA 504 or 505: Museum Studies & Cultural Heritage Management I or II

1 Foundational Course:

Students are required to choose 1 Foundational Course from a pool of 4 courses offered in a 4-semester period. These courses cover ARHA’s range of areas, disciplines, and temporal periods:

ARHA 500: Anatolian Civilization I- Neolithic to Late Bronze Age

ARHA 501: Anatolian Civilization II- Iron Age to Roman

ARHA 502: Anatolian Civilization III- Late Roman to Byzantine

ARHA 503: Anatolian Civilization IV- Ottoman to Recent

3 Area Electives at 400+ level

ARHA 510: Research Seminar

ARHA 540: Field Studies or Internship

For our current foreign language degree requirements, please click here.

ARHA 595: MA Thesis

ENGL 500