What To Do Before the Defense:

  • You must appoint your Thesis Jury Members and fill the forms (7a MA / 7b PhD) at least 2 weeks before your defense date.
  • You must send the copy of your final draft to all jury members at least 3 weeks before your defence.
  • At least 1 week before the defense date, the announcement must be made. Please click for the draft of the announcement. You should update it with your details. Please let us know of the contact details of the jury members coming from other schools.
  • Thesis Abstract Turkish and English (These pages will go into your thesis).
  • For thesis manual, please visit: https://vpri.ku.edu.tr/en/procedures/
  • TURNITIN Report is needed. Your thesis must be scanned through Turnitin. Please email gerdis@ku.edu.tr for the Turnitin report.

What To Do After the Defense:

Final Steps:

  • You need to get a clearance from the Library / Finance Department / IT / Housing Office / GSSSH with the clearance document which can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. Also please click here for the clearance form.
  • Students must return their office keys / KU students ID cards / Setcards back to the GSSSH Office.