To-Do List Before the Thesis Defense:

  1. You must appoint your Thesis Jury Members and submit “Form 7a” for LL.M. /MA  or “Form 8a” for Ph.D.  GSSSH at least 2 weeks before your defense date.
  2. You must send the copy of your final draft to all jury members at least 3 weeks before your defence.
  3. Announcing the defense: 1 week before the defense date (Please click for the draft of the announcement; you should update it with your details. Add zoom details if the meeting will be held online.) Please do let us know of  the contact details of the jury members coming from other schools with the mail addresses.
  4. Prepare “Form 7b” for LL.M./ MA and “Form 8b” for Ph.D. on the defense date. This is the form that starts your graduation process. It is important that you have it ready in print and make all the members sign it.
  5. Thesis Abstract Turkish and English (These pages will go into your thesis). For thesis manual, please visit:
  6. TURNITIN Report.  All thesis copies are  required to be scanned through turnitin. Turnitin results must be submitted to the graduate school together with your thesis and must be shared with your jury members before your defense. You can log in to turnitin by following the below steps;
    Class: GSSSH Thesis Scan
    Enrollment password: Happy2022
    Class ID: 33606759

To-Do After the Defense:

  1. Submit form 8-a to GSSSH after defense. All signatures must be complete.
  2. Submit the abstract and “ozet” forms. Need to get your advisor’s signature.
  3. Must bring 2  Thesis hard copies to GSSSH.
  4. Tez Veri Giriş Formu (Thesis Data Form for YÖK) httpss://
  5. Please click for the GRADUATE FORM
  6. Thesis Publication Form. Please click for Thesis Submisson Form 

Final Steps:

  • Clearance from the Library that you do not have any books that are due
  • Clearance from Finance Department that you do not have any outstanding balance
  • Clearance from IT that you have returned your laptop
  • Clearance from housing office that you have returned your keys (students staying in dorms)
  • Students must return their KU ID’s to the Registrar’s Office.
  • ALUMNI ID will be issued following graduation and can be collected from the ALUMNI office.
  • Put a “Graduation Request” on GSSSH Track-it platform.