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Güneş Ertan

Assoc. Prof.
International Relations


Güneş Ertan is a scholar of public policy and administration. Her are interdisciplinary and mostly lie at the intersection of social networks and collective action.

Select Published Work (Since 2019)

Ertan, G., & Siciliano, M. D. (2024). A Cognitive Network Perspective for Public Administration and Policy. Public Administration Review, 81(1), 10-20.

Ertan, G. (2023). Anatomy of an urban mobilization network. Cities, 138, 104362.

Ertan, G., Comfort, L., & Martin, Ö. (2023). Political polarization during extreme events. Natural Hazards Review, 24(1), 06022001.

Ertan, G., Çarkoğlu, A., & Aytaç, S. E. (2022). Cognitive political networks: A structural approach to measure political polarization in multiparty systems. Social Networks, 68, 118-126.

Ertan, G., Siciliano, M. D., McGrath, E. C., & McGrath, M. (2021). Social networks and strike participation: A dynamic analysis of the Hollywood writers strike. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 59(4), 1108-1130.

Comfort, L. K., Haase, T. W., Ertan, G., & Scheinert, S. R. (2020). The dynamics of change following extreme events: transition, scale, and adaptation in systems under stress. Administration & Society, 52(6), 827-861.

Ertan, G. (2020). Collective action, civil society, and public policy in Turkey. Journal of comparative policy analysis: research and practice, 22(1), 66-81.

Ertan, G., Siciliano, M. D., & Yenigün, D. (2019). Perception accuracy, biases and path dependency in longitudinal social networks. PloS one, 14(6), e0218607.

Research areas

Civil Society , Social Networks , Public Policy , Network Cognition , Collective Action



PhD, University of Pittsburgh