In today’s world, where there is a growing need to adopt legal approaches to cope with local as well as global issues, resolving legal controversies require a multi-dimensional perspective based on a conception of different legal disciplines; hence, the lawyer profile who is able to add to the development of society, economy, politics and the legal profession has been changing. With this respect, Koç University Institute of Social Sciences targets to contribute to the molding of this new lawyer profile, with an understanding based on reliable academic research, as well as practicing experience. We also offer non-thesis  programs as well as thesis programs. The program with thesis is composed of 3 core courses followed by 4 elective courses and is concluded with a thesis. The non-thesis program is composed of 10 courses and a final paper.


Fundamental characteristics of the Koç University LL.M. Programs of Public Law and Private Law, which have been established in conformity with the legislation of higher education, are as follows:

  • World-wide reputed professors (and lecturers), who are distinguished as to their publications, research and practice of legal profession.
  • Up-to-date courses structured on well-established and absorbed legal knowledge.
  • Research and learning of different legal disciplines based on multi-dimensional perspectives.
  • An atmosphere stimulating academic and vocational progress, whereby legal issues comprising comparative and international aspects are thoroughly examined.
  • An integrated program with workshops, seminars and other activities parallel to the curriculum.
  • Various options devoted to candidates with high competence of scientific research and to those who would like to differentiate from others in the legal profession.
  • Regular and effective academic consultancy.
  • Advanced research opportunities with regard to academic publications and instructions in particular, provided by Suna Kıraç Library.
  • Privilege of being the part of a qualified group of graduate students, elected through adopting effective scaling and evaluation criteria.
  • Academic collaboration with the leading law schools abroad.


  • Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in law.
  • Students must attend the program on campus. We do not offer distant learning.



21 June, 2021

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Start picturing your Koç University LLM in Private Law experience by attending a sample lecture on “Introduction to Comparative Contract Law” with Dr. Işık Önay.

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Download the LLM Brochure

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The most important advantage of graduating from Koc University Law School is the question, inquire and criticism-based law education system rather than the memorization-based one. In addition to this, the curriculum of the Law School including the courses in the comparative and international areas of law, besides Turkish law oriented courses provides the privilege to its graduates. Within this scope, as a result of all the knowledge that I gained in my law education, I had the possibility to specialize in any areas of law.

After graduating from Koc University Law School, I had registered to Private Law LL.M. program with thesis to deepen my knowledge. Currently I continue the LL.M. program which provides numerous courses in the comparative and interdisciplinary areas of law.

Ezgi Arık
Private Law LLM Graduate

I have been working on subjects of legal value for 35 years of my career; however, it was Koç University Law School which has helped me understand the essence and soul of the Law and the concept of Justice, which I believe to be the foundation of everything. For that, I give my thanks to the Koç University Law Faculty, Dean Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah Oder, all my professors, faculty members and young lawyers I have been working together with.

I would recommend the LLM Programme of Koç University Law School to anyone who wants to improve themselves, regardless of their age and level. The LLM Programme has made me realize, again, in the autumn of my life, that learning is a pleasure and inspired my academic studies, made me contemplate on the Rule of Law, which is an institution necessary for the well-being of my country.

I would never imagine that reading the US Constitution or keeping up with modern Turkish Constitutional Court or Court of Administration judgement would be this exciting.

Hüsamettin Onanç
Public Law LLM Graduate
Dean of Law School Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah Oder
Faculty, Private Law Prof. Dr. Zeynep Derya Tarman