Guidelines For Ph.D. Students Teaching Undergraduate Courses

Advanced level Ph.D. students can teach a small section of a course to gain teaching experience.

Ph.D. students who are interested in teaching a small section of a course should first receive the approval of the thesis advisor and the coordinator of the Ph.D. program.

Next, the student should seek the approval of the faculty member who is teaching the course. Last but not the least, the Director of the Graduate School and the Dean of the College that offers the course must approve the teaching assignment.

Conditions under which a course can be taught by Ph.D. students are as follows:

Teaching is not a right but a privilege. Only selected Ph.D. students are given this opportunity. The student should pass the qualifying exam and have a good standing in the program to be able to teach a course.

A student can teach only one course per semester, and no more than two courses throughout their Ph.D. education.

The course to be taught should be a small section of an undergraduate course, supervised by a faculty member.

Ph.D. student should go through an advanced level KOLT training to teach the course.

Teaching is part of the Ph.D. training. In principle, Ph.D. students do not receive extra payment for teaching. Students will be exempt from their TA duties (for a period determined by the department) in exchange for their undergraduate course teaching. In the case where a student cannot be exempt from TA duties, they will be rewarded with extra scholarship.