Degree Requirements

1st Year – Fall Semester 1st Year – Spring Semester
3-credit courses  
LITR 501: Methods in Comparative Literature LITR 502: Debates in Comparative Literature
LITR 542: Readings in Critical Theory LITR 500-coded elective
LITR 500-coded elective* LITR 500-coded elective
Foreign language** Foreign language
12 total credits 12 total credits
Non-credit courses
KOLT 500: Teaching Assistant Training TEAC 500: Teaching Experience***
ETHR 500: Research and Publication Ethics
2nd Year – Fall Semester 2nd Year – Spring Semester
3-credit courses
Foreign language LITR 595 – Thesis (0 credit)
TEAC 500 – Teaching Experience (0 credit)
3 total credits
Non-credit courses
LITR 595 – Thesis LITR 595 – Thesis (0 credit)
ENGL 500 – Academic Writing
TEAC 500 – Teaching Experience
27 total credits

* Students can choose to take one 500-coded course from another department.

** Foreign language courses must be in the same language and sequential.

*** Students are required to enroll in TEAC 500 for their teaching assistant duties.

Please see Program Guidelines for details regarding the above.

Students must complete all the course requirements by the end of the Spring Semester of their second year and have a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 to graduate.