Ekin Çakır, PhD Psychology Research Interest: Psychological trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic loss and grief, post-traumatic growth, cognitive behavioral therapy Middle East Technical University, BA
Utrecht University, MA
Email: ekincakır20@ku.edu.tr
Yiğitcan Emir Akbuğa, PhD Psychology Research Interest: Spatial metaphors of time, temporal gestures Bahçeşehir University, BA
Koç University, MA
Email: yakbuga18@ku.edu.tr
Hamed Abdollahpour Ranjbar, PhD Psychology Research Interest: Suicide, depression and anxiety, emotion regulation, acceptance and commitment, therapy and assesment Tabriz University, BA
Kharazmi University of Tehran, MA
Email: hranjbar20@ku.edu.tr
Büşra Acar, PhD Psychology Research Interest: Mental health, immigration, psychological trauma, post-traumatic growth City University of Istanbul, BA
Marmara University, MA
Email: bacar20@ku.edu.tr
Hande Sodacı, PhD Psychology Research Interest: First language acquisition, bilingual language use and processing, digital pedagogy Boğaziçi University, BA
Radboud University Nijmegen, MA
Email: hsodaci20@ku.edu.tr
Dilem Cinli, PhD Psychology Research Interest: Leadership effectiveness Middle East Technical University BA
Koç University MA
Email: dcinli17@ku.edu.tr
Buket Kara, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Well-being and development of children at risk; resilience; prevention and intervention programs Izmir University of Economics, Experimental Psychology, MSc Bilkent University, Psychology, BA Email: bkara13@ku.edu.tr CV
Burcu Arslan, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Language and Cognition B.A. in Psychology, Boğaziçi University Email: barslan18@ku.edu.tr CV
Burcu Halise Tatar, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Young children's media use, parenting, children's language development M.A. in Psychology, ODTÜ University B.A. in Psychology, Bahçeşehir University Email: btatar18@ku.edu.tr CV
Cansu Oranç, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Preschoolers’ learning from different digital sources (i.e., e-books, social robots, Augmented Reality), causality understanding in fictional settings, and reality-fantasy distinction. Radboud University, the Netherlands, Behavioral Science, MSc. Email: coranc14@ku.edu.tr
Demet Ay, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Autobiographical memory Bogazici University, Psychology Department, BA Yeditepe University, Cognitive Science Master's Program, MA Email: day17@ku.edu.tr
Demet Özer, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: multimodal language processing, language-thought M.A. in Psychology, Koç University B.A. in Psychology&Business Admin, Koç University Email: dozer@ku.edu.tr CV
Dicle Çapan, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Social metacognition and learning M.A. in Psychology, Yeditepe University B.A. in Psychology, Bahçeşehir University Email: dcapan17@ku.edu.tr CV
Dilek Uslu, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Diversity training, workplace interventions, gender equality, women in leadership Psychology, ÖzyeğinUniversity, BA Email:duslu15@ku.edu.tr CV
Ece Yallak, PhD in Psychology Boğaziçi University, Cognitive Science, MA Email: eyallak18@ku.edu.tr CV
Elif Gizem Demirağ Burak, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Leadership, Nonverbal Behavior, Conflict Resolution, Gender Email: edemirag@ku.edu.tr
Gamze Turunç, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Well-being of parents and couples, parent-child interactions, intervention programs for parents and children, social development in families, self-determination and motivation M.S. in Psychology (Developmental), Middle East Technical University B.S. in Psychology, Middle East Technical University Email: gturunc16@ku.edu.tr CV
İrem Ergen, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Autobiographical memory, Involuntary and Intrusive memories, Eyewitness memory, False memories Psychology, Bogazici University, BA Email:iergen17@ku.edu.tr
Müge Ekerim Akbulut, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Children's socio-cognitive development; acquisition and use of mental state understanding in social context; the role of socio-cognitive skills in children's disruptive behaviors Email: mekerim14@ku.edu.tr CV
Seniha Özden, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Identification, development and sustainability of ethical and transformative leadership, constructive deviance and innovative mindsets with the central focus of empowerment. Baruch College (CUNY), Industrial/Organizational Psychology, M.S. Email: sozden18@ku.edu.tr CV
Şerife Leman Runyun, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Electrophysiological correlates of error monitoring and expectancy violations in healthy and clinical populations. The relationship between chronic pain and emotional decision making. Boğaziçi University, Pschology BA Medipol University, Neuroscience MA Email: srunyun18@ku.edu.tr CV
Esra Çetinkaya, PhD in Psychology Research Interest: Social psychological interventions to reduce gender and minority gap in education, Interventions targeting organizational settings, Cross-cultural comparison on effectiveness of interventions, Causal mediation models İzmir University of Economics, Psychology BA Tilburg University, Social Psychology MA Email: ecetinkaya15@ku.edu.tr